Property and real estate can be daunting for first-time buyers, and even for people who have been in the industry for years. With so many different factors, including tax, property structures, investment strategies and calculations – why not dig into this big list of real estate resources? 

This is an excellent starting place if you’re looking for something!

Buying Property

First-time buyers and research

  • Frugallocal – First-time buyers property course (FREE course! with videos!)
  • Ooba – The complete first-time home buyer’s guide
  • PrivateProperty – A step by step guide for first time home buyers
  • Lightstone – Once off reports, sectional title scheme reports, transfer reports, estate reports, live deed searches etc.

Property regulation

  • Estate Agency Affairs Board – Regulation of estate agents, lodging of complaints against estate agents
  • NHBRC – National Home Builders Registration Council
  • NPPC – National Property Practitioners Council: represents the interests over 40 000 agents, brokers, professionals, consultants, developers, managing agents, and financing institutions falling within the ambit of the Property Practitioners Act, which is replacing the old Estate Agents Affairs Act of 1936.
  • Lightstone – Once off reports, sectional title scheme reports, transfer reports, estate reports, live deed searches etc.

Mortgage originators

Mortgage originators submit your offer to purchase to multiple banks so that you can get the best interest rate. Some submit to all banks and other loan providers, some have algorithms that determine which one will be the best.

Home loan providers

Property calculators


  • Naked insurance – Home content insurance, building insurance, car insurance
  • – building and other insurance quote comparisons. Note most of the companies used is part of the same group – Telesure

Sectional Title and legal resources

Property Investing

Credit bureaus and tenants screening

Note that in South Africa, all credit bureaus need to give you the first report for free each year. Some of these companies offer a free service, with value added products.

  • Clearscore – credit bureau (free)
  • TransUnion – credit bureau (1 x year free)
  • Experian – credit bureau: many of the banks use this one if you want to get a loan
  • Credit Ombudsman – disputes and issues with credit bureaus information, if they are not willing to ratify something
  • FrugalLocal – Finding good tenants
  • TPN – credit bureau and all-round tenant checks, rental reports and deeds checks 

Property investing – resources

Property clubs/membership sites in South Africa

  • P3 – Mentoring, consulting, legal structures, selling property. P3 uses a membership business model 
  • iGrow Wealth Investments – Section 13 SEX specialist, owns the whole chain from mortgage origination to managing tenants and rental property
  • The Property coach – Carlo (Paid for courses, some free content)
  • Property Academy (Paid courses)
  • SAPIN – SA Property Investors Network – membership site with content, software, deal analysis, coaching and more.

Investment property strategies

Investment property tax breaks and incentives

Investment property legal structures

  • FrugalLocal – Should I buy my property in a trust, company or in my own name?
  • PrivateProperty – The ideal structure for investment property
  • Intergen – specialising in legal and tax for property investments to preserve generational wealth.  

General property related links

Big corporates and property

Innovation in the property sphere

  • Leadhome – buying, selling, letting
  • – lawyers selling property

Property REITs in South Africa

This is in no way an endorsement of any of the below, but it’s just a starting point to do more research.


Whether you’re looking to restructure your property portfolio or first-time buyers help – this list of real estate resources is for you. I’ve tried to make it as concise and exhaustive as possible. 

If you have any other resources that I can add, please send me a message through the contact me page

Happy investing!