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FrugalLocal: Your go-to influencer for savvy investment property insights and financial education.

FrugalLocal has been featured on podcasts, in newspapers, webinars and live panel sessions in the personal finance, investment property and IT/Online business. Some of the most memorable moments include being featured on 702 Talk Radio to chat about property investments, Honest Money with Warren Ingram and The Sunday Tribune.

Podcasts featuring FrugalLocal

FrugalLocal on 702 Talk Radio

On 702 talk radio frugal local discusses rental property investments and how to get started. Deciding what type of property you would like to invest in – A property that is right for you and has a good return on investment.

FrugalLocal on Honest Money with Warren Ingram

FrugalLocal chats to Warren Ingram about financial independence, retiring early – what people that retire early does.

FrugalLocal on the Easy Does It Podcast

FrugalLocal chats with DJAtLarge about getting your home loan approved. He gives valuable insights and ways te get a lower interest rate for your homeloan

FrugalLocal on the Mash Startup Podcast

Frugal chats to Mash Startup about being financially aware – thinking about retained income, emergency funds and small business.

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