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Frugal is on a journey to discover what matters – money, property, investments and personal finance is part of my journey. And I love sharing my thoughts with you about money, property and my business. 

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Who is Frugal?

Hello everyone, I am Frugal! And don’t let the name deceive you. I have my coffee – and many of them daily. I spend money on the things that matter to me. And if it doesn’t matter, then I don’t spend money on it. 

I quit my job in 2020, during lockdown to work for myself. In my fulltime hustle, I help small businesses and startups with consulting, mobile and web apps and simplifying their complicated journeys. I also write technical posts about small business and code on my business blog.

I have been Frugal for a few years and grow with every blog post written. I do collaborate with brands to tell a story to my followers and subscribers – one of education, growing and becoming more than what they were yesterday.

I have been investing in property for more than 10 years, blogging for 2+ years and am married to the most awesome Mrs Frugal.

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