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I’m new to property

First-time home buyers and people new to investment property – this is your space! Get advice, tips and information about how to get onto the property ladder and negotiate the best deal!

I have an investment property

You’ve started on your journey. You’re looking for ways to cut expenses, manage tenants, and learn about sectional title/HOAs and investment property strategies. And a little bit of tax in there too!

Advanced investment Property

You’ve done the basics. You’re looking for advanced concepts such as transferring your property into a company, special tax breaks and trusts for generational wealth. Dig in!

Buying US Dollars in South Africa can be challenging – here are your options on how to convert your Rands into foreign currency.

The EC10 Index by EasyCrypto // EasyEquities allows anyone to invest in a bundle of cryptocurrencies. Check out how it works.

When it comes to ETFs, fees are everything. In South Africa, which S&P 500 // MSCI World ETFs are the most cost-effective in the long run?

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