The big list of personal finance resources

The list of personal finance resources at your fingertips!

This is my big list of personal finance resources. I have added a lot of information here, other than just all my blog posts about these topics – which I also have! These companies or people will be able to assist you in sorting out your personal finance and making it better. 

Though not complete, as there are many more that I have not mentioned, the people on the list are people that I trust and like. And I believe they will be able to help you as well.

Debt and debt management

  • Debt Busters  – Debt counselling, management, consolidation and management

Budgeting and money management

Investing and advice

Education and research

Financial advisors

  • Terence Tobin – Registered financial advisor that will not sell you products you don’t need. Priced per consultation or can manage your investments.

Products, services and advice

  • EasyEquities – A broker giving you access to invest in ETFs, RAs, stocks, cryptocurrencies (through EC10) with low fees and very transparent. You can invest your TFSA in ETFs through them. 
  • – online investing for those that don’t even know the difference between an ETF and dividends.
  • Sygnia – they offer products such as ETFs, RAs, and other stock market related investing. You can invest your TFSA in ETFs through them.
  • Satrix – They offer investment products such as ETFs, RAs, managed funds and other stock market-related products. You can invest your TFSA in ETFs through them.
  • 10x investments – they offer low-cost retirement annuities and some unit trusts


  • Luno – Exchange that offers Bitcoin, ETH and more! If you sign up with this affiliate link, you will get R25!
  • VALR – Exchange that offers BTC, ETH, etc. 
  • Binance – A well trusted international exchange
  • EC10 by DCX/EasyEquities – A crypto bundle that rebalances weekly. Can be bought off EasyEquities
  • BitFund – Crypto bundles that rebalances
  •  Revix – A crypto exchange offering bundles that rebalance monthly, buy/sell BTC and other coins. 
  • Exodus crypto and bitcoin wallet

Estate planning and tax

Insurance and protection of assets

Big business money and research

  • Fin24 – Business & finance news, stock market and investing
  • BusinessTech – Business, finance, news
  • MoneyWeb – Business, financial and investment news. Also has audio discussions

Personal finance content in South Africa


Even with all this information at our fingertips, I highly recommend getting advice on how all of this fits together. This can be exceptionally complicated and you don’t want to die of hunger when you are 65 – and you don’t want your children to discover that your will is not valid. 

If you feel you’re adding value in the personal finance space, please send me a message by clicking on contact me, and let’s get the chat going!

Happy investing! 


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