Make extra cash through these side hustles

Where can I find some side hustles?!

The interwebs are well known for cheesy Americanised side hustle ideas. Some of these include:

  • Dropshipping – which would’ve worked if we had an okay post office or amazon shipping here
  • Starting a blog – because anyone can turn an opinion into money
  • Shopify – which we fully trust the post office and other money-making fees payable due to red tape in SA.
  • Sell your life on eBay

I want to look in a different direction – what side hustles could work for you in a South African context? I would like to add a few disclaimers –

I don’t endorse any companies here, and I wouldn’t get paid for anything like that from this post. I do think that some of these are worth a bit of investigation.

I also perceive loads of people asking for some of these services on some groups on Facebook, like ‘I know a guy’ and ‘Eks van die ooste’ in Pretoria, which leads me to the conclusion there’s a need for some of these things.

Remember to work out some profitability on these!

Let’s get hustling

Foodie hustles

  • Food stalls at the local farmers/gourmet food market.
    • There’s always room for you to sell a snack or a foodie thing. Think about samoosas, boerewors rolls or even dim sum
  • Food trucks – these can be expensive, but worth an investigation. There are loads of events around Joburg where people are asking for these types of services such as burgers, chip and dips and ice cream vans
  • Frozen dinners – This is an economy of scale thing. The more you make, the cheaper it will be. It’s also fiercely competitive, thus I suggest get a niche. Note that this idea might take quite some time to get off the ground!
  • Baking pastries and other goodies – people do want their cake and eat it

Property hustles (some capital needed)

  • Rental property – This is a bit more long term, but can pay off owning one of these babies.
  • Fixing up properties – Often you can pick up a really old property for an okay rate and then fix it up and or rent it out, or sell it.

Training hustles

  • Many industries in South Africa require trained people to do work. Think IT, graphic design, accounting, BUDGETING and so forth. This is a great opportunity to teach people what you know
  • Consulting and training people with your skill – As a mobile developer, it’s a cool skill to teach other people (Note to self, maybe I should start a mobile app team development programme in Johannesburg)

Tourism hustles

  • Airbnb a room out – yeah, I hope you’re in the perfect spot!
  • Do experiences for people – I recently saw people offering their servicer on AirBnB for food tours, surfing, safari tours etc. easy money for an afternoon of doing what you love

Artsy hustles

  • Graphic design services – These days anybody can do a logo or a business card
  • Photography – offer services on groups on Facebook and to friends and family
  • Web design and marketing
  • Social media marketing on the side – post updates for your clients, monitor their pages and give them a report with suggestions every month.

Other (Possible) ideas

  • Herbalife, Avon or other HELPFUL MLM companies – People do use their products and want to buy it. Why not become a distributor? Note – though not a fan, I can see the value of these ‘solutions’. I do recommend buying into something useful, not trinkets or odds and ends.
  • Specialist products – if you are a specialist in some area, such as jewellery, precious stones, collectable banknotes or antiques – this might be an opportunity to resell products. Note – this is not for clueless people like me, you might lose loads if you don’t know what you’re doing.



These are just a few ideas I have. I oftentimes think the ideas are not the issue – it’s the implementation of things. People read things but they don’t do things.

Also, remember that these are loose thoughts and not financial advice – not that most sideline businesses don’t make any money within the first two years.

As in personal finance and frugality – saving R 10 will not make a difference. But saving R 10 repeatedly will make a large difference in the long run. It’s the same with a side hustle – it might be low impact right now, but if you continue and slowly grow it, it might give you some handsome returns!


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