How To Keep Your Household Expenses Low

The money struggle is real

I am able to retire by the end of this month. I would be dead from hunger by the 2nd after my debit orders went off

Frugality is much needed today. We spend small fortunes on running our households and anywhere we are able to save could make a huge difference. In some cases, it’s the difference between hunger and food on the table and in other cases between retiring early or working until you’re 65 456 421 348 13 18461  165 1312 years old. 

Planning becomes essential in our everyday lives – we need to know 

If you do not have plans for your money, it has plans for you

Budgeting – meh meh meh

I hate the word budget.

It carries so much baggage. 

The main issue is our relationship with money. We forget that it’s an active relationship that we manage. When we get to know money, we realise where it’s going – and when / why it leaves our wallets. Once you know this, you’re able to manage expectations, monitor it and do what you need to do to make Ms Money yours forever. 

Check my post here on that here if you’re interested!

I sort of left my budget in the house. Pity. 🙁

If you have your relationship with money better, you can always open up new opportunities for freeing up more money.  

More money will mean more money for a purpose. If you have this mindset, you’ll be able to save and spend money on things that really matter.

Without further ado, let’s jump into those frugal things to make you save money!

Top ways to lower household expenses

Track your money and budget

Get more quotes to lower short term insurance – ask for a few quotes from companies

Meal planning

“I am not in the mood to cook”
Plan your meals in advance and take the ingredients out of the freezer in the morning.
Only buy the things you need!

Bulk buying

We buy in bulk – Long life milk, cheese, food that freezes well and cleaning liquids are all things we buy when cheap!

Short term insurance

Get more quotes to lower short term insurance – get a few quotes from companies

Eating out – specials

When you eat out, check online for specials in the area. It’s a great way to test out before you buy something expensive there but regret it with disappointment.

Evil bank fees

Bank fees are a silent killer. Calculate your fees (credit cards, overdraft, interest) and see if it’s cheaper to get a bundle option with your bank.

Cancel a credit card

Just cancel it. You don’t need this negativity in your life!

Rewards programs and apps

Get apps and rewards cards. Note that Woolies sometimes give extra rewards on their apps! Swipe your rewards program cards when buying petrol!

Diesel cars – shop around!

If you have a diesel car, you need to shop around for the best diesel rate. Plan your travels accordingly.


You don’t need the newest phone. But also, you can live cheaper by using the following services: On Telkom mobile calling landlines and Telkom to Telkom is free. Calling via WhatsApp also allows for lower cellphone bills

Buy cheaper products

You can often get the same quality products for a lot less e.g. we eat double thick yoghurt but don’t buy the most expensive brand. Check out your local farmer’s market for great fresh seasonal goodness!


As Eskom is in high demand, it is recommended to change light bulbs to LEDs and add a timer for your geyser.


Thanks for reading my post.

Yes, we need to lower expenses by not spending money on things that we don’t need, not buying expensive things we only use once and join rewards programs. 

But doing the stuff is more important than reading.   

Let me know if you have any more useful tips!

Happy investing!