Fedgroup Impact Farming Review – investing in farming and solar

In an era where investing has been democratised, we can now invest in fractional shares of companies, government bonds, cryptocurrencies – and now, with Fedgroup’s Impact farming, in bees, blueberries and even solar. With a 30-year track record, the company is well-established and offers options for a well-diversified portfolio. Fedgroup‘s innovative Impact Farming initiative allows you to start with a minimum deposit of R 500, which can buy you a few blueberry bushes or moringa trees.

So, if you’re looking for a positive social impact and investing directly in things people actually use and care about, then this is post is for you.

But first, lets look into Fedgroup itself.

What does Fedgroup do?

Fedgroup doesn’t only do Impact Farming. They have many other products you’ll expect from a financial institution such as secured investments, fixed endowments and income plans. Fedgroup offers a suite of financial products and services tailored to every stage of your life but also has some business-to-business (B2B) offerings, such as group retirement funds.

Some of the products and services offered include:

Fedgroup Impact Farming: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Imagine investing and growing your wealth while contributing to the planet’s well-being. Fedgroup’s groundbreaking Impact Farming initiative is the answer! This unique platform allows individuals to invest in sustainable agriculture projects with as little as R 150, democratizing access to impactful, sustainable investments.

What can you invest in with Impact Farming?

Impact Farming offers a diverse range of investment options, including:

  • Solar panels for clean energy generation
  • Blueberry bushes for antioxidant-rich produce
  • Beehives to support healthy ecosystems and honey production
  • Macadamia trees for high-value nut cultivation
  • Lettuce stacks for innovative indoor farming practices

Simple and Transparent Investment Process

Investing through Impact Farming is straightforward. They have an app that you can download and use to buy the investment you want. The app is available on the AppStore for Apple devices, and the Google Play for Android. From there, you can deposit money into your account and buy the desired bush, panel, tree or veggie.

It is also convenient that you’re not involved in the management of the investment, which means you’re free to do whatever you like with your time. Payouts happen on different intervals – from twelve annual payments to once every two years.

Here’s a snapshot of the diverse assets available through Fedgroup’s Impact Farming initiative. The table outlines each asset’s minimum investment, average annual profit, investment term, and payments per year. 

Table of Impact Farming assets 

Asset minimum investment averages annual earnings investment term payment per year 
blueberry bushes 25010-12%8 years up to 2
solar panels750010-12%20 years 12 payments for a year 
moringa trees 10010-12%3 years up to 2
macadamia trees 220010-12%8 years1
lettuce stacks 730013-15%7 years 12 payments 
bee hives 300010-12%10 years up to 2 payments
pistachio trees 250014-16%15 years 1 payment
nursery seedlings 150 10%2 year 1 payment at the end of 2 years 
Note that earnings are not guaranteed, but the average payout has been shown.

Why invest in commercial farming in South Africa?

We won’t always need iPhones, but we will need food and power. Fedgroup allows an affordable entry point. You can start small and build your portfolio gradually. With no involvement from your side and the ability to access your investment through their mobile app are highly convenient features.


Fedgroup Impact Farming presents a unique opportunity to grow your wealth while making a positive impact on the environment. Making farming accessible to the masses is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio away from just stocks and property – not that I’m saying you shouldn’t buy property – because property is amazing when done right 😉

But I believe it is worth checking out Fedgroup.

Happy investing!


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