Companies I love

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Companies I love

Yeah, I use them too!

Companies I love

I love these companies and use them myself. If you click on the links and sign up, I will get a small fee from them. I don’t get any remuneration from Terence – I just really love what he does.​

World-class companies


If you’re looking to invest in the stock market, ETFs or Funds, then using EasyEquities is your perfect partner!

Naked Insurance

Insurance shouldn’t be a terrible experience. Get a quick quote from Naked. You don’t need to negotiate and fight for a good price- it’s already there!


If you really want to invest in Crypto, why not use a decent exchange with a good footprint within South Africa and globally?

Terence Tobin

This financial planner really cares about financial planning. He is not out to sell you just another policy.
People first, not Policies is his motto