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Let's all quit everything

I had a rental property that I had to quit after 8 years. The reasoning was complex: the running costs more than doubled, the rent was too low, etc, etc, etc. It was a terrible investment and with a flat market, it was just made worse. 

When I think back, it makes me want to vomit in my mouth. It’s not only depressing, but sad that I could’ve made such a bad investment, yet this is the way we learn. I call this school fees. 

Quitting is sometimes complex – you might’ve overinvested in something and now you are chasing your losses, lost the initial spark of your investment or have come to the realisation that you will never get your money back.

Below I start to discover when to quit and when not to. The tl;dr; of this is: wait, think and calculate.

Knowing when to quit your investments

Cut the word quit out of your dictionary.

Or should you?

Sometimes you need to quit a job, an abusive partner or an investment. 

Concerning investments, people quit for different reasons. 

Other people quit investments such as shares for other reasons, including share prices being flat for a very long time, unprofitability, risk and so forth. 

Some quit their shares because of Steinhoff.

Here are some things to consider before quitting:

  • Do a SWOT analysis
    • If you quit will you strengthen in your financial situation? Will it make you stronger financially?
    • Will this put you into a weaker situation in the long run / short term? 
    • If you quit an investment, do you have other opportunities that you pump the money into, other than a boob job or new TV?
    • Will the option of quitting create threats for your future? Can you risk it?

Do calculations before you quit

People love being mentally challenged. Make time to calculate what impact this will have on you – financially and emotionally.

Don’t overdo it. If you’re anything like me, you would want to talk to people about it, but not have 1 000 000 000 spreadsheets with calculations. 

Find a couple of calculations that can help you make the decisions – simple ones. If you’re stuck, ask someone for ideas!

The honour of wanting to quit

Most of the time we need to learn to have more patience and not quit. 

In today’s day and age, there are enough reasons for us to quit – the economy, my personality, and even money. There’s a place that we need to reach where we have the honor of wanting to quit – a place where you’re discouraged, frustrated with your decisions and your world. This is the breeding ground for dedication and persistence. 

Give yourself space when you have the urge to quit before you make a decision. 

Honouring decision time

Never make a hasty decision.

In 95% of cases we need to wait. It is this time where we wait that we find the honour in wanting to quit. We enter a place where we can align our emotions, calculations and our hearts. Once these align, you are able to do what you need to do. 

Take the time you need.


Take your time, but don’t quit because you feel like it.

If you have any doubts, don’t quit.

Give yourself space to have the honour of wanting to quit – a space where you can calculate and decide. 

Remember that this offer will never be repeated again.

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