My Top New Year’s Resolutions For Your Money

Make goals, not resolutions

Are you one of those people who make resolutions, only to break them in the first week?

I find reaching goals very similar to riding a bike from Pretoria to Cape Town. Let’s say you fall off your bicycle just before Bloemfontein, you’re not magically teleported back to Pretoria to start over. Just get up and continue riding! 

New year's resolutions

Most of our lives are affected by money – our eating habits, coffee, mental health and especially our time. Therefore, when you’re working on building better habits in these areas, you’re effectively managing your money better now and for the future. 

So, let’s get going with the new year’s resolutions

Spend more money on coffee

So, everyone knows I love coffee. But this is not only about coffee. For me, it’s actually about the experience of sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying the coffee. If you love coffee, then don’t feel guilty if you’re buying an extra one. If you love books – then buy that book and read it. 

On the other hand, if you don’t value something don’t buy it. I see many people buying big cars, 5 billion bedroom properties – but they’re still unhappy. Please don’t be like one of those 

Buy experiences, not things

– Joshua Becker

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that experiences give you more happiness than things? Check out the Fast Company article here

Practice saying no

When you say no to something, you’re saying yes to something else

For me, learning to say no to people will free up my time, my mind, and my wallet. I achieve this by being mindful about my activities and my boundaries. I personally have a book that I write in to keep track of all my activities.

If you’re looking to say no more often, I encourage you to define your boundaries. Decide on what you will allow and what you won’t tolerate – and stick to your rules.

Invest more

Investing is for the long term (such as retirement), whereas saving is for short term goals 

As I already have my emergency fund in place, I want to invest more money in assets that will turn a profit in the long term. As I am currently overexposed in the property sphere, I am pushing to invest more in the stock market, specifically ETFs.  

I encourage you to research well before you invest. I find many people just buy things like Bitcoin or shares because other people are doing it. Make sure you have long term investment goals!

Embrace a 2-week shopping ban

I know this might sound like rich people problems, but we’ve had it once in the last 7 years that our freezer was full to the brim with things we bought. It seems like we buy more than what we eat! We decided on a shopping ban, that forced us to eat what we have. We were however allowed to buy fresh fruit and vegetables for a planned meal. 

This year, I would like to do the same. 

Automate monthly expenses

Though most of my monthly expenses are automated, I have two or three that we have to pay manually. Remember – the less time you have to spend on manual payments and managing your money, the more time you have to make more money – or drink coffee!

Buy/Cook cheaper, healthier food

Mrs Frugal and I love cooking – and eating. We enjoy trying a new recipe, making some exotic curry or adding a dash of some sauce to the meal. We have learnt that we don’t need to buy the most expensive version of every brand. For certain meals, we do need a certain type, but this is not the rule.

South Africans are meat eaters – and even chicken is seen as a vegetable. Though I enjoy meat and dairy, with a family history of illnesses relating to diet, I want to eat a bit less of these, and more fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce tends to be a lot cheaper (and healthier) than processed foods.

Jumpstart a new career

If you’re feeling like you’re in a dead end career, then why not change this by doing a course, writing about a certain topic or changing careers.

As my business is growing, I am exploring other opportunities and roles that I have historically not been active in. For example, I am looking at doing more thinktank consulting – a role where I assist businesses in refining their needs and how to get the best results.

For me, this will come in the form of a short course (or masters degree if I can find a suitable institution) and partnering with people to grow.

Start a side hustle

If the shoe fits…

If you’ve been dreaming about starting a side hustle or business, then don’t wait any longer. Start actioning and doing something. 

Personally, I spend too much time planning and often fall into the trap of analysis paralysis. For this reason, I have decided to test the idea with business partners for two months to get a prototype out first – and then we talk about profit sharing and exit strategies. Though these are part of the conversation, the main focus is on delivering something of value first. 

Remember that you don’t have a business if you don’t have clients!


Your money is important and affects every area of your life. Make sure that you have a good flow of money into your wallet – and your expenses are well managed. 

Setting goals for the new year and resolutions for you to achieve is honourable. Make sure you have the habits that empower you to make the decisions in the spur of the moment. 




Happy investing!

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