Investing in more than just money

Nobody will lie on their death bed and say "I wish I spent more time at the office"

The world is spammed with posts and advice about how you should invest more money in the stock market, property, businesses, get rid of debt and then you die. Dead. Like in dead without any debt. Though I am a big advocate of being frugal and investing money in places where you  monitor your return for a rainy day, I am also a realist and know you will die someday. It might not be today or tomorrow, but it will come.  

In this post I want to reflect on tips and tricks that you can do to optimise your life, money and investments that will make your future life and current life better.

Invest in yourself

If you become better, so will your finances, job life and personal life. I know we often neglect ourselves – we get overwhelmed with deadlines from work, our children that needs attention (and we do love them), our lack of sleep and the list continues. 

At one point we need to stop and ask – What do I need to do to make this pace sustainable?

Life runs away with us. And we need to make sure we have things in place to manage this. Here’s some suggestions on how to manage this:

  • Reflect on what you want in life regularly and persue those things
  • Get good hobbies that takes your mind off things and that you enjoy
  • Create a relaxation corner in your house

Invest in your relationships

Blah blah… relationships… blah blah… 

But seriously, remember that we will all die. Value the time spent with those you love and those you treasure. Here’s some small things you can do to help you grow:

  • Make time for socialising and switching off with friends – add a note in your calendar.
  • Don’t use your cellphone at the dinner table – savour the time with loved ones
  • Make time for networking and connecting with like-minded people
  • Make time at work to grab a coffee with your coleagues – the return multiplies

Invest in your money / job

Sometimes your job sucks. Like in SUCKS. But don’t let this stop your from investing in this. Remember you need to 

  • Grow in your job – maybe your dream job needs an upskilled version of yourself. 
  • Use your money wisely by not wasting it on things that’s not important (think takeaways and branded clothing)
  • Pay yourself first: take some money and invest it in some place that will multiply and be fruitful. I prefer property, but stocks or a savings account is probably better than nothing
  • Have a fun fund – allocate an amount that you do not need to be held responsible for. If you want to spend it on a massage or chocolates, it’s up to you!
  • Invest money in someone else – give some money away every month to someone in need

Conclusion: Invest your time wisely

Out of all resources, time is the most limited – you only have a few days on the earth. Make them count. 

It’s important that we think about tomorrow, but tomorrow will never be there unless we invest in today.

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